10 Must-Have Swirl and Flourish Brushes for Photoshop

Here’s a list of 10 Must-Have Photoshop brush sets featuring swirls and flourishes. Each brush set is well made and will be a great addition to your Photoshop brush collection. There’s a variety of designs on this list including hand drawn brushes, florals, frames and grungy elements. I think you’ll find something helpful for almost every project. Enjoy!

1.  Fresh Foliage by Jason Gaylor of Designfruit

photoshop brushes

2. Damned in Black Swirl Brushes — you need to scroll down to Swirls almost at bottom of page

photoshop brushes

3. Janita’s Itsumo Brushes on MediaSlap.com

MediaSlap.com photoshop brushes

4. Hand Drawn Florals by Room122.com

Floral brushes

5. Obsidian Dawn’s Swirls II

photoshop brushes

6. Web Design Blog’s Floral Frames

photoshop brushes

7. GValkyrie’s Suddenly Spring

swirl brushes

8. Graphic Mania’s Flourish Brushes

photoshop brushes

9. Graphic Identity’s Floral Brushes 5

photoshop brushes

10. Smashing Magazine’s Grunge Brush Set

grunge brushes

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